Six 'Coming-Of-Age' Songs That Are Perfect For Your Bar Mitzvah

Discuss the music with your DJ, someone from a aplce like Audacity Production House, when planning your Bar Mitzvah to ensure they are prepared to play some popular anthems that are perfect for the occasion. Work on a song-list with your hired DJ, and provide written notes and announcements for them to use during the event.

Six coming-of-age anthems for your upcoming Bar Mitzvah are:

  1. "It's my life." If you want to get your guests up and dancing, ask your DJ to play 'It's my life' by Bon Jovi. This timeless 80s classic is a true anthem to living life on your own terms, which is a great message to convey to young people at your Bar Mitzvah. Furthermore, the beat just begs people to get up an out of their seats!
  2. "My way." Young and old alike enjoy dancing to 'My way' by Elvis Presley. There are numerous versions of this classic anthem, made popular by 50s crooner Frank Sinatra, but Elvis' version is particularly special. This is a great song to play when guests first arrive or to end your evening with.
  3. "Forever young." Everyone loves Rod Stewart, both young and old guests at your party. Have the DJ play 'Forever Young' by Rod Stewart to bring the right atmosphere to your gathering.
  4. "Born this way." You can't beat an anthem by Lady Gaga, and you have quite a few to choose from. 'Born this way' is going to be a song that kids want to move-to, and that gets the blood-pumping! Ask your DJ to bring some Lady Gaga music, which is very popular among this age-demographic.
  5. "Pumped-up kicks." 'Pumped-up kicks' by Foster the People is a song that a lot of your party-goers will recognize. It pays homage to the challenges and hurdles associated with growing-up, which many Bar Mitzvah-aged guests will relate to. This is a fairly recent hit that most DJs will be able to provide without issue.
  6. "Hot child in the city." Go retro with 'Hot child in the city' by 70s heart-throb Nick Gilder. It is a great song that is familiar and that promises to make guests tap their feet. The song talks about a rebirth and coming of age in an urban environment- perfect music for a tween event, including your Bar Mitzvah!

If you want to bring a dynamic, liberating air to your Bar Mitzvah, make sure your DJ has these powerful anthems on-hand. Talk with DJs ahead-of-time to ensure they play the songs that your guest of honor loves, as well as some popular and timeless favorites for the older guests, too.