Understanding The Connotations Associated With Musical Entertainment At Wedding Receptions

When you select the music entertainment for your wedding reception, part of your decision comes with your personality and what you like and do not like. However, there are various connotations that come with different wedding music options. Matching an option to your ceremony theme and reception theme may be every bit as important to you as getting married. Here are your options, the connotations associated with each, and understanding what it means for your big day overall.

Wedding Reception Band

Hiring a band is a more informal option. You can get everything from a gritty, '80's hard rock love ballads tribute band to a '50's party band. Matching the style of music to your wedding scene is easier, since you can find a wedding band that will play almost any era of music. The connotations generally associated with this option is that you are having a rather informal celebration that is akin to a dance-off party. If that is what you are looking for, then this is perfect. To find a wedding band for your special night, contact a professional business, like ThrowBack Experience.


Even more informal than a wedding band is a D.J. This is often the cheapest option, and the most informal of all. A D.J. can play all kinds of music without ever lifting an instrument or singing a song. Everyone can dance (even if they know nothing about dance at all), and the D.J. takes music requests from anyone who wants to hear a particular song, but you can also send a playlist of songs beforehand. This gives your night a lot of fun and variety.

A Stringed Instrument Set

Not many people hire a duet to play a wedding, but a stringed instrument trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, septet, or octet are all very popular. Generally speaking, you should get a violin, a harp, and at least a deeper base stringed instrument like a bass or cello to play. More players in the group should add violas, more violins, a piano, and a bass too.

Selecting this type of music for your reception is very elegant and sophisticated. It suggests that you want your wedding and the reception to be a very elegant and formal affair, and that everyone should know something about ballroom dance. It also sets the mood and tone for the reception, which is typically more relaxing and soothing on rattled nerves.