Scratch-And-Spin: Three Helpful Tips For Beginner DJs

Being a DJ can be a fun and exciting career, but it can be difficult to know how to get started. If you have a love of music and you feel comfortable performing in front of groups, you already have the foundation you need to be a great DJ. Here are a few helpful tips you can use to begin your career:

Build A Music Collection

Having a vast collection of music is essential for all DJs; however, the important thing is to determine which format you want to DJ with. You may prefer vinyl, or you might want to go digital; once you determine this, take a look at your current catalog of music. Look for any gaps in your collection, such as any genres you might not have represented in your music collection. You can also choose your favorite records or tapes and convert them to digital files.

Watch DJ Tutorials

DJ tutorials can provide a lot of helpful information; they can offer fundamental advice on how to transition between tracks, scratch, and select samples for your mixes. However, DJ tutorials provide other types of help as well. For example, you can learn techniques for how to choose the right music for each type of event and how to play to the crowd. Being a great DJ sometimes requires a good deal of showmanship, and you can pick up some great pointers by simply watching a wide variety of different tutorials.

Invest In DJ Software

DJ software can be great for practicing your techniques and testing out new approaches to your mixes. This type of software accesses the music you already have saved on your computer, and it includes scratching, mixing, and sampling features. You can use this type of software to record tracks, which you can use to create mix tapes; these tapes can be sent out to clubs and event venues to help you land your first DJ gigs. If you invest in DJ software, consider a program that lets you connect USB-capable DJ equipment. You can connect a mixer or microphone for more ways to create music and practice your DJ skills.

Being a DJ does take practice, but with the right equipment and tutorials, you can begin to learn this craft. Once you feel you are ready, take your act on the road by talking to local bars and clubs to help land your first DJ gig.