Ways To Help A Young Pianist Grow

Are you the parent or relative of a gifted young musician? The early developmental years are the perfect time for a musician to grow, because their young mind is still being formed. There are a few things you can do to help them grow their talents. 

Get them Private Lessons

Private lessons are key to development. A gifted child may pick up a lot on their own, but private lessons help give focus and teach the child what gaps they need to work on next. It's the quickest way to progress. 

Help them Practice a Variety of Skills

If your child is gifted when it comes to playing the piano, it would be a good idea to make sure they focus on a variety of musical skills. It's not just about hitting the right notes. They may benefit from training in musicality. Maybe they should experiment with music composition. Or, maybe you could have the music teacher focus on sight reading or ear training the child. All of these skills will help them as they grow to be a more developed musician, and it's important to start early. 

Expose them to Lots of Music

You will want to expose the child to lots of music. This means, for one, getting them exposed to lots of styles of classical piano music and different composers. But it could also mean teaching them about a wider variety of musical styles in general. This will help them learn to appreciate music and listen with a critical ear. You can expose your child to a variety of music by getting them lots of music to listen to, taking them to live performances, or purchasing sheet music in a variety of genres. 

Ensure They Are Working with Good Equipment

Be sure you get piano tuning on a regular basis for your young musician. Learning to play the piano on a poorly tuned instrument can be detrimental, because the child will not learn to hear when notes are properly tuned. That can hurt their musical ear for years to come. Be sure they have the right kind of stool and music stand so that they can sit ergonomically. Musicians who have learned to sit in a strange position at the piano can take years to be retrained correctly. Your student may also want a metronome and tuner to help them practice timing and make sure the piano is well tuned. Contact a service, like Atlanta  Piano Tuning By Ear, for more help.