Prepare to Attend a Ventriloquist's Live Show with Your Child in These Ways

If you've just learned that a ventriloquist live tour is coming to your area and you think that attending with your child would be a good idea, there are a handful of things that you can do before and after you buy tickets. In addition to being entertaining for adults, ventriloquist shows can also be highly appealing for children of various ages. Here are some simple things that you can do to maximize your family's enjoyment of this type of unique attraction.

Determine the Appropriateness of the Act

On the surface, it can seem as though ventriloquism is something that is automatically geared toward children. While it's true that a lot of ventriloquists prepare a child-friendly act, this isn't always the case. There are some ventriloquists whose performance is definitely adult oriented, so you don't want to automatically buy tickets for the act and then later learn that your children probably shouldn't attend. Read some information about the performer and the show in question. Often, shows of this nature will make it clear in their advertising whether they're aimed solely at adults or at the whole family.

Buy Tickets Up Front

If you've learned that the ventriloquist who will be visiting your area puts on a show that is appropriate for children, you can move forward with buying tickets to the event. While your budget will largely dictate where you sit, it's ideal if you're able to buy tickets up front. Tickets in the first few rows of any type of show are appealing, but this is especially true when you go to see a ventriloquist. By sitting close to the stage, your children will get a better appreciation for the talent of this performer who can seemingly make his or her dummy "talk" without moving his or her own mouth.

Watch Some Videos Together

Your children will be in for a treat when you attend the ventriloquist show, but they might not be aware of this type of performer in advance. Instead of having them learn on the fly, it can be fun to gain an appreciation for this art form by watching some videos of other ventriloquists online. Doing so can ramp up your child's excitement of this type of performance. You may even want to withhold that you've bought tickets to a show until you've watched some videos together and noticed that your child is excited or intrigued by ventriloquism—and then divulge that you'll be attending a show together.