How To Tell Your Piano Needs Tuning

If you have a piano at home, whether you play it regularly or not, you may not be able to easily tell when your piano is falling out of tune and you need to contact a piano tuning service. This is understandable, especially if you are not a professional, full-time piano player. But, no worries. There are signs and issues to watch out for that can easily tell you that your piano needs tuning. All you need to do is learn what those signs are. Then, you can hire a piano tuning service as soon as possible when you notice them. 

Your Notes Seem Unsteady

A sign that your piano is out of tune is hearing an unsteady sound when you play single notes. Go through the keys of your piano and play each one, listening carefully. Is there a wavering or unsteady sound to the note? Does it sound like it is almost more than one note? These are signs that your piano could use some serious tuning. 

A Key Clangs

If you have a key or two that clangs or thunks when you play it, you definitely will know that your piano is out of tune. It is an unpleasant and jarring sound that is unmistakably problematic. 

Your A-440 Is Off-Pitch

If you have a tuning fork, one of the ways you can tell that your piano needs tuning is through your A-440 note. A-440 refers to the "A" note above middle C which is also known as the concert pitch. 

When your piano is in-tune, this note vibrates at 440 vibrations per second. Use your tuning fork to see if your A-440 is in-tune. There are also smartphone apps and computer programs that can help you tune this note. If it is not vibrating at the correct frequency, you need to contact a piano tuner. 

It Has Been More Than a Year

Pianos generally should be tuned every year. As such, if it has been more than a year since your piano was last tuned by a professional, it is time to call a piano tuning service to help you out. Even if you do not play often, yearly tuning is recommended for proper piano maintenance. Going longer can cause large problems with your piano that would be costly to repair. 

Now that you know some of the ways to tell your piano needs to be tuned, you can contact a piano tuning service to learn more.