Learn More About Singing Telegrams

Singing telegrams are messages delivered to predetermined people via an entertainer who often shows up in costume and delivers the message by singing. Singing telegrams can be delivered to someone at their home, at their place of work, or at another location the person is scheduled to be at on a certain date and time. In some cases, singing telegrams can deliver serious messages, but they are usually used to delivering more lighthearted messages in a humorous fashion. You can learn more about singing telegrams and the ways they can be used by reading this article. 

Singing telegrams can be personalized or more general

If you want to send a special message to someone in a creative and fun way, you can send a singing telegram that best fits your agenda. You can have them sing an existing song that fits the intended message, then they can give the person a gift. The gift can include something like flowers or a gift basket, or even a card with your message. You can have a song written specifically for the occasion, or even write one yourself for them to sing. 

Singing telegrams can include a wide variety of costumes

There are so many occasions you can send a singing telegram for that there are often a lot of costumes to choose from. The costume can play a big role in the whole experience. For example, a cupid costume may be used for a Valentine's Day singing telegram. Or, they can dress like a doctor to congratulate someone on getting into medical school. There are so many ways to go, and making the decisions can be half of the excitement of sending a singing telegram!

Singing telegrams can be romantic

Singing telegrams can also be done in a romantic way. They can also be a grand way to ask someone out. They can even be done to propose to your significant other. You may even choose to have the singing telegram delivered while you are out on a date with your partner, so you get to see their reaction to your special message live. 


When you have something to say, and you feel it should be done in a creative way, then you should consider going with a singing telegram. You can also have the whole thing recorded so you and the person you sent the telegram to will be able to look back on it in years to come. Contact a singing telegram service, such as serenademenow.com, to learn more.