2 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Referee Whistle For Use During Football Games

After being asked to serve as a referee for a local school's football games, you may be busy gathering together your uniforms and equipment. One vital piece of equipment that you will absolutely need is a whistle that you will use to call plays and point out penalties. 

However, when you go shopping for a whistle, you may have discovered that there are many to choose from, leaving you confused as to which one you should buy. If so, below are a couple of things that you should consider when purchasing a referee whistle for use during football games.

1. Consider Choosing a Whistle Made from Stainless Steel with a Padded Mouthpiece

One thing that you will need to consider when choosing a referee whistle is the material from which it is made. When choosing a material, you should consider choosing a whistle constructed from stainless steel.

Not only is stainless steel more durable and will not crack during regular use but it will also not rust, which is important because it will constantly be exposed to moisture from your mouth. To help increase your comfort level when needing to hold it between your lips for the majority of the game, look for a whistle with a padded mouthpiece.

2. Look for a Referee Whistle with a High Decibel (dB) Level And a Clear, High-Pitched Tone

Another thing to consider when choosing a referee whistle is its ability to be heard. During a football game, the alerts given by the whistle need to be heard by the players down the field. When there is a large crowd, this can be difficult if the right volume and tone are not chosen.

When purchasing a whistle, opt for one with a high decibel (dB) level as one of its features so that it can penetrate even loud chanting or shouting. It should also have a clear, high-pitched tone that makes it unmistakable when heard by the players.

When you are going to start refereeing football games, you need to have a comfortable whistle that is made from a durable, rust-free material such as stainless steel with a padded mouthpiece. You should also look for a whistle with a high dB level and clear, high-pitched tone so it can be heard down the field and over the crowd.

For more information or help with choosing one, contact a business that offers sports referee whistles.