5 Classic Reggae Albums To Listen To When You're New To The Genre

Reggae music originated in Jamaica, and for years, it was really only popular on the island. Over the past few decades, however, reggae music has expanded its reach. If you've recently discovered the genre, there are a few classic albums you should listen to in order to really get a feel for reggae. The Harder They Come Released in 1972, The Harder They Come is an album by Jimmy Cliff. It was one of the first reggae albums to gain popularity outside Jamaica.

How To Tell Your Piano Needs Tuning

If you have a piano at home, whether you play it regularly or not, you may not be able to easily tell when your piano is falling out of tune and you need to contact a piano tuning service. This is understandable, especially if you are not a professional, full-time piano player. But, no worries. There are signs and issues to watch out for that can easily tell you that your piano needs tuning.

Music Streaming: A Great Way To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Everywhere you look, you can find various music radio streaming services. Each service often costs a low monthly fee and allows you to customize playlists or radio stations based on your music preferences. Aside from the fact that people often enjoy listening to their favorite tunes, it can also offer mental health benefits. In fact, studies often show that listening to music can help you reduce stress and anxiety. Music Radio Streaming Is in Demand

4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Guitar Skills

If you want to be able to not just play around with a guitar but really play your guitar, you are going to need to be ready to really practice. Here are four simple ways that you can improve your guitar skills. Practice Something New Every Day Every day when you pick up your guitar, do one thing that is new to you and really learn how to do it. It doesn't have to be a song, although it can be.

Ways That A Teen Can Earn Money From Learning To Play The Piano

There are many reasons to put your teenage son or daughter in piano lessons, including helping him or her to develop a lifelong skill and appreciation for playing music. In the short term, there's a chance that an industrious teen will be keen on using his or her aptitude on the keyboard to make some money. While it's unlikely that your teen will quickly become so celebrated that he or she is booking concerts at local venues, there are a number of other ways to make money from playing the piano.